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Volunteer - Mud Hero British Columbia



Sat, Jul 28th, 2018


12:00 am


If you’re a people person and you don’t get stressed out over large crowds then we need YOU to help us with registration!

Processing over 5000 people quickly and efficiently is what makes our events a success. In the registration tent you’ll be paired up with a buddy and together the two of you will make sure the participant is who they say there are (check id or quiz them on their stats), administer their race package (bib and timing chip) and find the appropriate size of Mud Hero t-shirt.

Gear Bag Check

Some people like to be prepared for anything, but no Mud Hero want’s their gear bag dragging them down as they speed through our obstacles. That’s where you come in. We need you to keep a watchful eye over the Mud Hero’s bags while they’re out on course. Pretty simple really, you trade them their bag for a ticket and once their done, they trade you back. This job will take up most of you day, but we will definitely make sure you get a break!

Finish Line Ambassador

This is a job for our most enthusiastic volunteers. As the Mud Heroes cross the finish line, totally spent and covered in mud, you’ll shepherd them away, while rewarding them with a really cool Mud Hero finisher’s medal. At the end of an event like this, most people have very little oxygen in their brain and many require a helping hand to comprehend the simplest of instructions. You’ll need to be patient with them. As long as Heroes are finishing, we’ll need you.

Hydration Engineer (Feed Zone)

This job is crucial to keeping the participants hydrated and performing at their best. We’ll station you and 3 others at the halfway point on the course where you’ll handout out water. It’s simple really, fill the cups half full and hand them to the Mud Heroes as they pass by. You’ll be here from the start of the first wave to just after the start of the last so make sure you’re well dressed with plenty of sun screen.

Fun Police (Course Marshal)

It’s all fun and games … but sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. We need your help to make sure the Mud Heroes stay on course and stay safe. As a course marshal, you will be tasked with making sure things go smoothly out on the course. If someone takes a spill, you’ll be there to make sure they’re ok and if needed, radio one of our first aid personnel for a little TLC. You’ll also be in charge of keeping the Heroes motivated, aka cheering them on! You’ll be out on course all day, but don’t worry; you’ll be back in time to take in some of the Mud Bash.


Silver Star Mountain Resort

123 Shortt Street, Vernon



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