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Astronomy Challenge-Free Virtual Event



Mon, Jun 21st, 2021


7:00 pm to 7:40 pm


Calling all Astronomers. Join James Kanester from Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Okanagan Centre as he discusses upcoming events to look for in the month of June.

James, is a retired CPA and a former teacher. James has been a member of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Okanagan Centre since 2004 and an amateur astronomer with a telescope since 1993. Before that, he looked at the night sky with his naked eye and studied physics at UVIC.

A founding member of the Merritt Astronomical Society and its local star party, the Merritt Star Quest, started in 2003. He loves to spend time in the real dark sites, observing and photographing celestial objects. He has photographed a lot of fabulous night sky sights and loves to enthusiastically educate the public about astronomy (not astrology BTW)!

This 40 minute virtual zoom meeting is free to attend and is good for all ages and abilities. The session start at 7:00pm with a 30 minute presentation and then some time for Q & A.

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