Metallica Tribute/Master Of Justice



Fri, Sep 30th, 2022


9:00 pm


Master of Justice is among the premier Metallica tribute bands in the world today.

Fans of Metallica expect and demand the very best live show, and as fans of Metallica, Master of Justice is obsessed with delivering even more than just a Metallica Tribute Show; they deliver the Full Metallica Experience! For them, it’s all about Authenticity.
Tribute Bands have become a musical subculture all their own. Great Tribute Bands deliver more than just the music…they deliver that “Right There, Front Row” experience. With exacting musicianship, attention to mannerisms, replication of signature movements, costuming, and, of course, the stage props that have become a Metallica Trademark (Lady Justice, the Crosses, "Metal up your ***” toilet, the electric chair, and more).
Master Of Justice delivers the atmosphere of a full production stadium show. Performing a full catalogue of Metallica Songs with energy and excitement. Master of Justice brings the Theatrical Thrills of Metallica to stages throughout North America.


Longhorn Pub and Liquor Store

4513 25 Avenue, Vernon



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