The Deusa Coven



Sun, Apr 21st, 2024


4:00 pm to 8:00 pm


I am over joyed to announce the Deusa Coven - a Monthly Women’s Circle rooted in Magick, Sisterhood and Art. The Deusa (Goddess) Coven is devoted to sharing and remembering the forgotten stories and rituals of the Goddess.

Our first gathering is on April 21st, 4pm-8pm 🕯️

The theme for April is ‘Yoni Temple’.

A day specially curated to connect you with your body, your soul and your creativity. Magick ✨ of the day:

💧Elemental Dance Activation & Moving Meditation

🌕Full Moon in Scorpio Cosmic Chat with journal prompts to deeper integrate Cosmic teachings

🌺A Yoni Steam and Womb based breathwork to aid in releasing stagnant and stuck emotions and trauma within the Womb, while also being extremely good for your overall Womb Health.

*please note if you have an IUD, are pregnant or are bleeding the day of the event, your body won’t be aligned with receiving a Steam, however you can receive the breathwork still.

🎨Following willl be an Art exercise where we draw our Temple. This is sacred and you’ll have to attend to find out more 😉

🐍Archetypal Storytelling & creative writing spellcasting.

I will be sharing a story/myth of the feminine in Circle where we will discuss how we relate and can also activate the archetypal energy in our lives.

🖊️We will then create some magick in a special creative writing exercise to manifest our wildest desires

There will be many opportunities to rest, take breaks and connect with the other Women throughout the day. The timing has been curated to create a Feminine Flow and ease for us to dance through together 🌺

What to bring:

Yoga Mat, Blanket and pillow for comfort

Small bowl & 2 towels for yoni steam

Journal & Pen

Water & small snack

To make the steam easy, please come in a long dress or skirt 🩵 alternatively you can wrap a towel around you

So Deusa, see you soon!

Stay Wild,

La Loba

*although Coven is in the name, it is a Women’s Magick & Healing Circle, not a Witches Coven. However I have one of those too, msg me for details on that as it’s private 🐉


Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio

3410 31 Avenue, Vernon, V1T 7L3


From CA$36.48

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