Event Posting FAQs:

How do I make sure my event is posted?
If if you have an account on this site, your event will be posted immediately and automatically. Apply for an account. The rest of the submissions go through an approval process.

How long does it take to approve an event?
We go through submissions at least once a day with exception of statutory holidays.

How do I know my event has been approved?
You will receive an email to the email address you specified in the submission form.

Why was my event not approved and what can I do about it?
Our volunteer editors use their judgement and our guidelines to approve or reject a submission. We regret that we are unable to answer your questions about approval or rejection of your submission in person. Please read over the guidelines carefully and if you follow them, your event will be posted.

I have an event that's being held in my house - can I post it?
We only accept events that are being held in public locations. We also do not post private and invite-only events.

I have a multi-day event, what do I do?
Events that last multiple consecutive days are accepted, for example, Wine Festival.

I have a networking event thar repeats every week, how do I enter it?
At this point we do not accept repeating events - you would need to enter each of them manually.

I have an event that can go into several categories, i.e - Children's Festival. Where do I put it?
You are welcome to submit your event in up to 2 categories. It will be up to discretion of our editors to decide if your event is suited to be in both of them.

What if I  want to edit my event or delete it at all?
If you noticed a mistake in you posting or your event has been cancelled, please send an email to corrections@kelownaevents.info from the email address that was specified during event submission.

If you would like to add a question to our FAQs, please email to contact@kelownaevents.info